The Elephant and the Ants: A Wonderful Friendship Story - (English Version)

One day, there was an elephant who was walking in the forest. He saw many tall and shady trees, beautiful and fragrant flowers, and clear and cool river. He felt happy and joyful.

But, he did not realize that under his feet, there were many ants who were working hard. They carried food, built nests, and took care of their children. They also felt happy and joyful.

However, when the elephant stepped, he accidentally stepped on the ants who were in his way. Some ants died, some ants were injured, and some ants were scattered. They felt sad and angry.

"Hey, elephant! You did not see us, did you? You stepped on us without caring! You are so big and rude!" shouted the ants.

The elephant was surprised to hear the voice of the ants. He lowered his head and saw the ants who were very small. He felt guilty and ashamed.

"Forgive me, ants. I did not mean to step on you. I did not see you because you are very small. I did not do it on purpose. I am very sorry," apologized the elephant.

"But, your apology cannot bring back our friends who died. You have to be responsible for your actions. You have to help us fix our nest that was damaged and treat our friends who were injured," said the ants.

"Alright, I will help you. I will be careful not to step on you again. I will use my trunk to lift and move your food. I will use leaves to cover your nest. I will use water from the river to clean and heal your wounds," promised the elephant.

Then, the elephant began to work together with the ants. He tried not to hurt the ants again. He also learned many things from the ants, such as cooperation, cleanliness, and care.

The ants also began to appreciate the elephant. They saw that the elephant was not only big and strong, but also kind and friendly. They also taught many things to the elephant, such as patience, perseverance, and intelligence.

Finally, the elephant and the ants became good friends. They helped and respected each other. They lived side by side peacefully and harmoniously.

This story teaches us that we have to respect other living creatures, both big and small. We also have to help and learn from our differences. Because, by doing so, we can live happier and more prosperous.