Ana and Firecracker ( versi ingrish dari Ana dan Petasan)

Ana loved to see fireworks in the sky. Every New Year's Eve, she always waited for the fireworks to be lit. She hoped to see the beautiful and sparkling colors.

One day, Ana heard that someone was selling firecrackers near her house. She was curious and wanted to try. She took her savings and went to the firecracker seller. She bought some small firecrackers that she could take home.

At home, Ana hid her firecrackers under her bed. She planned to light them at night, when her parents were asleep. She thought it would be fun and harmless.

That night, Ana took her firecrackers and went to the backyard of her house. She lit a match and brought it close to the fuse of the firecracker. She didn't know that the firecracker exploded very quickly.


The firecracker exploded near Ana. Ana was startled and fell. She felt a heat on her cheek. She screamed and cried. Her parents who heard the explosion came out and saw Ana scared. They hugged Ana and calmed her down.

Ana's parents saw a burn on Ana's cheek. They took Ana to the bathroom and cleaned her wound. They also gave her ointment and bandage. They were angry and sad to see Ana hurt.

Ana's parents asked where Ana got the firecracker. Ana admitted that she bought it from the seller near the house. Ana's parents said that the firecracker was very dangerous and could explode in her hand. They forbade Ana from playing with firecrackers again. They also said that the firecracker could disturb the neighbors and pets.

Ana was very sorry and apologized. She promised never to play with firecrackers again. She realized that firecrackers were not suitable for children. She wished she never bought the firecracker. She wished she could go back to the way she was.