Budi's Exciting Adventure: Splashing in the River, Wandering in the Fields, and Herding Buffaloes in the Village! (english version)

In the midst of the bustling city, lived a little urban boy named Budi. One day, his uncle from the village came to visit, bringing with him fresh rambutans, bananas, and assorted vegetables.

Budi, full of curiosity, eagerly listened to his uncle's stories about life in the village, especially about the thriving livestock. His uncle promised to take Budi on a holiday to the village, a place where they could enjoy the beauty of nature.

With a joyful heart, Budi looked forward to the holiday with his uncle. Every night before bed, he imagined the excitement of bathing in the river, exploring the rice fields, and embarking on adventures with his uncle, even though it was different from the usual urban life he knew.

The day of the vacation arrived. Budi and his uncle set off for the village, leaving behind the noise of the city. They reveled in the refreshing river, admired the green fields so different from the tall city buildings. Together, they experienced village life, tried herding buffaloes, and learned many new things.

Budi realized that beauty could be found anywhere, whether in the village or the city. The vacation with his uncle became an unforgettable memory, teaching Budi to appreciate both sides of these different lives. They returned to the city with hearts full of happiness, bringing back rambutans, bananas, and beautiful memories from the village.

1. Did Budi have fun on his vacation in the village?

2. What did Budi's uncle bring from the village?

3. Where did Budi and his uncle go on their holiday?

4. What did Budi imagine before going to sleep every night?

5. What did Budi learn during his adventure in the village?