The Adventures of Three Rabbits (English version of Petualangan Tiga Kelinci)

There were three rabbits who lived in a forest. They were Budi, Rani, and Toni. They liked to play together and look for food around the forest.

One day, they found a carrot garden that was very large and delicious. They were very happy and immediately ate the carrots. But they did not know that the garden belonged to a farmer who was fierce.

When the farmer saw the three rabbits eating his carrots, he was very angry and shouted, "Hey, you! Stop eating my carrots! I will catch you and cook you into soup!"

The three rabbits were shocked and scared. They ran as fast as they could to save themselves. But the farmer chased them with a knife.

Budi, Rani, and Toni ran in different directions. Budi ran to the right, Rani ran to the left, and Toni ran straight. The farmer was confused and did not know who to chase.

Finally, he decided to chase Toni, because he looked the fattest and the most delicious. Toni ran with all his might, but the farmer got closer and closer. Toni felt desperate and prayed, "Oh God, please save me from this evil farmer!"

Suddenly, Toni saw a big hole in front of him. He jumped into the hole and hid there. The farmer did not see Toni enter the hole and continued to run past it.

Toni felt relieved and thanked God. He hoped his friends were also safe from the farmer.

Meanwhile, Budi and Rani managed to find a safe hiding place. They hid behind bushes and rocks. They also prayed for Toni to be safe from the farmer.

After a while, the farmer got tired and gave up. He returned to his garden with anger and disappointment. He promised to guard his garden better so that no rabbits could enter.

The three rabbits finally met again at their usual place to play. They hugged each other and were grateful to be alive. They also promised never to eat carrots from the farmer's garden again.

They went back to their home with joy and happiness. They learned that greed could bring danger and they had to respect other people's belongings.

The end.

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